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In most cases, men and women view life differently. They have different perspectives in almost all areas. The same is true about how they look at relationships, dating and love.

Can a guy and a girl just remain friends? This is a question that the Ladder Theory attempted to answer.

So what is this theory all about?

In 1994, Dallas Lynn, together with Jared Whitson, conceptualized the Ladder Theory. According to this theory, men and women have created their own ladders. Whenever they meet new people, they place them on the ladder.

To explain this further, let’s start with the guys. Say, Peter dates Ann. Since no one is on his ladder yet, Ann stays on top. Then , the next day, Peter meets Beverly, who happens to be more attractive than Ann. And so, Beverly replaces Ann on the top spot and Ann slides down a notch. On the third day, Peter encounters a cute girl named Cathy. But, she does not seem to exude that much charm as compared to the first 2 girls. So, she lands at the bottom of the ladder. But Peter is still attracted to her. Although not as much as he is with Ann and Beverly. The theory explains that whoever is on the topmost spot will most probably be pursued by the guy.

Girls also have ladders of 2 kinds – the real ladder and the friends only ladder. In the friends only ladder, girls rank the guys in their lives are meant to be just their friends. In the real ladder, women do the same thing as guys – place the men they meet on the ladder.

Watch this video to learn more about the Ladder Theory and some terms that will help you understand (or maybe accept) this theory.

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